Posted: Monday, 29 April 2013 12:12PM

Tuscarawas County Could Face Deficit by 2017

A financial forecast is predicting a shortfall in the Tuscarawas County general fund by the year 2017.
A recent 5-year forecast of the financial future of Tuscarawas County by Auditor Larry Lindberg shows a dramatic decrease in revenue from $2.7 million in 2007 to a mere $140-thousand in 2012.

Auditor Lindberg says the need to plan ahead can prepare Commissioners for any shortages to come in the future.
Lindberg says the reductions in the county’s general fund come from elimination of taxes and lower government funding.
In preparing for the year 2014, Lindberg says a big expenditure will come from the county having 27 pays for hourly employees, rather than the normal 26.
Half of the general operating budget come from the county’s sales tax, and Lindberg predicts the county could be in the red by 2017 if the sales tax is not renewed, which would result in drastic cuts. 
Lindberg says some that some changes are going to have to take place to keep the county in the black for the next 5 years.
The forecast was based on trends and averages from the previous 5 years.             

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