Posted: Saturday, 05 October 2013 7:18AM

Letting Kids Be Kids - The Benefits of Roughhousing

At times it can seem little more than controlled chaos, but when it comes to roughhousing, be it peer-to-peer or parent-and-child, there can be numerous benefits.
Larry Cohen is a licensed psychologist who encourages roughhousing. He says physical engagement between children gets them some of the physical activity that they need and can also help with mental and emotional development.

Cohen says roughhousing can also help build bonds between parent and child. 

Now, when it comes to the issue of roughhousing and safety, Cohen says he prefers supervision and knowledge, rather than too many rules. It's an approach that really set in when Cohen's daughter was younger and climbing around at a playground.... and he kept telling her to be careful over and over.

Cohen says for children, especially those who are shy, roughhousing and wrestling around can be one way to help build inner confidence.

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